This is the Construction Industries Safety Park

Our Safety Park offers all people working in the construction process training and education in a reality-based environment of 15,000 m2. Our training raises insights and knowledge about the risks existing on a construction site entail. By reflecting over our actions during different scenarios on our built-up stations, we create a good insight into our own behavior. Our courses and training are aimed at professional workers, supervisors, site managers, safety representatives, designers, clients, pupils, apprentices, teachers, students, foremen, suppliers and researchers.

At our Safety Park there are different types of risks and health and safety situations simulated in realistic environments. We offers practical learning and education, where our visitors are stimulated by SEEING, HEARING, DOING and REFLECTING.

We tailor our courses and training to your needs. Contact us and we will make sure that you get the correct and relevant training for your employees when you come to us.

Course participants must have completed the construction industry’s online training:
Safe Construction Training:

A sustainable work life in harmony

We highlight the importance of mental balance and discuss how we can change or consider the various factors that affect us during the working day. The goal of our training is to create a deeper understanding of the entire construction process – from the early planning stages to actual construction works – and thereby create a workplace in harmony and increased safety.

Kick-off meeting at the Safety Park

The Safety Park is an excellent place for start-up meetings. By organizing kick-off meetings at the Safety Park awareness is raised surrounding risks which can be prevented already in the early stages of projects. It also sets up an environment for creating a consensus between different professional groups. Ask us about how your kick-off meeting can be planned and set up in the best way for you.

We are constantly working and looking for new ways to develop the Safety Park and we are open for discussions and willing to cooperate surrounding new scenarios and plans which can help develop our Safety Park. So don’t hesitate to contact us or if you are close by just drop by for a coffee.

Take part and make an impact through membership

A membership has many advantages.

For our members, we are a place to turn to for tips and advice to help creating a better working environment. As a member, you are given the opportunity to participate physically at a meeting place created to stimulate development and innovation surrounding work environment, health, and safety in a neutral common place.

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